Caryn Owen

House of Boys Art + Design



As a passionate artist and scientist, I have devoted my life to studying both marine biology and artistic expression.  Although these topics may seem mutually exclusive, I have spent years blending both of my passions. Over the past decade, I created abstract art while simultaneously balancing motherhood and my career as a marine biology professor.

In 2014, I chose to leave marine biology behind to predominately focus on my art, design and my house full of boys (my husband, two sons, and our male pit bull!) In 2015, I launched House of Boys Art + Design to sell my abstract art inspired by the beachy modern vibe of Santa Cruz.  I created an art collection influenced by current design trends, Northern California style, and shades of the color pink.

Artist Statement

As an emerging artist in Santa Cruz, California, my vibrant abstract landscapes and seascapes the lovely shades of Northern California coast.  I consider myself a colorist, focusing more on featuring intense colors rather than forms. My abstract paintings are modern, bold, and colorful.  As I layer colors on the canvas, my pictures tend to evolve, with each layer adding texture and depth.  All of my paintings represent the vibrancy, style, and modernity of the Santa Cruz scene.  I am inspired by the beaches along the Santa Cruz Coast and all of Northern California's seascapes.