In 2005, my husband and I bought a very small 1000 square foot house in Santa Cruz, California.  Proximity to the ocean and a great elementary school trumped our desire for square footage!  Over the past decade while working as a marine biology professor, I learned how to rework our living space so that it evolved as our family did.  

Our little Santa Cruz bungalow had no unique architecture, so I viewed it as a blank canvas.  As a marine biologist, I believe in the inter-relationships (ecology) between the style of your home and how we use our space.  As it turns out, my design and style aptitude overshadowed my desire to study dolphins and teach biology.  In 2014, I left biology behind, to focus on art and design.

Not many people can afford to buy a new house or undergo a substantial remodel when family needs or tastes change.  I believe your style and space should evolve as your life evolves.  Sometimes you feel stuck in the use of your space or your current design.  I hope to inspire new uses and designs for spaces that are no longer working for your life.  

I believe in investing in beautiful and neutral home furnishings that can be supplemented with decorative changes as your needs and style evolve.  Simply reworking furniture placement and re-styling can completely alter your space.